10ft Cheap Used Shipping Container – Wind & Watertight


The 10′ i.e. 3 m Storage Container is a half version of the common 6 m Container. The container offers 15m³ of safe and weatherproof storage space in an easily movable form.


Product Details
If you are looking for a cheap 10ft storage container then look no further!
We have a number of cheap used 20ft shipping containers available for sale. These ex-shipping line containers have been well used but they are guaranteed to be structurally sound and wind & watertight.
Contact us for specific details on availability.
This is our cheapest 10ft container – please also see our standard grade used 10ft container, our used cargo worthy container, our Grade A used 20ft container and our new 20ft containers.
10ft cheap used container features
Genuine Used 10ft containers – Ex-Shipping Lines
All Corten Steel construction
Two locking bars on each door
14mm Marine Plywood Floor on steel cross members
Fitted vents
Reasonable condition, there will be rusts and dents
This container is guaranteed to be structurally sound and wind & watertight.
Please Note: This container currently has a minimum 1 week lead time for delivery


This 3 m Mini Container is a familiar sight at construction sites and yards. The 10′ Storage Container is built purely for storage use, so it only weighs approx. 800 kg. The forklift pockets and the light weight enable versatile transportation methods as well as installations even in small spaces. This extremely popular Storage Container is ideal if you need a safe and weatherproof storage space but don’t need a bigger 6 m/20 ft container!

The container has double doors on one side with locking bars. The latch has a protective cover, under which there is an option to add a padlock. Rain-protected IV valves on the walls and forklift pockets on the frame to move the container. The containers come with a standard 25 mm wooden floor. Also available with plywood and steel floors. Accessories such as shelves and thermal insulation, lights and access door are available for the storage container. The container can be delivered in several different colors and taped with requested logos. The container is only suitable for storage use.



Length: 2991 mm, Width: 2438 mm, Height: 2591 mm

Inner dimensions

Length: 2830 mm, Width: 2329 mm, Height: 2390 mm.

Capacity: 15 m3


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